Soviet Sea Power 

Hervé Coutau-Bégarie 





Rear Admiral Olivier Sevaistre (Ret.), the captain of the ship Labouerie, com­mander Jean Pages, and Jean Klein, chief of research at the CNRS / National Center for Scientific Research / were kind enough to agree to read‑the manu­script and let me have their observations which I used to great effect. They will find here the expression of my ap­preciation as well as my appreciation of all those who col­laborated in this work at the IFRI. I am also deeply in­debted to the libraries of the Naval War College, the Na­tional School of Administra­tion, the French International Relations Institute, and the Bordeaux Political Studies In­stitute who very freely accepted my research efforts. The maps were done by Michel Chesnais.

This book owes its existence to two persons. Jean‑Louis Martres, professor at the University of Bor­deaux‑I, asked me for a report on this topic for the confer­ence on the Soviet Union organized in 1980 by the Com­parative Political Analysis Center of Bordeaux (its text was published in the conference’s trans­actions under the title: Soviet Maritime Power, in Francis Conte and Jean‑Louis Martres, L’Union sovietique dans les relations interna­tion­ales / The Soviet Union in International Relations /, Economica, Paris, 1982, pp 297 to ­326) and guided my re­search. Marc Gilbert, IFRI secretary‑general, was the first to have the idea for this book and encouraged me to write it. He passed away on 7 November 1982 without seeing it in print. This work could not have appeared without him. It is only fitting that it should be dedicated to his memory here.


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