Soviet Sea Power

Hervé Coutau-Bégarie 

Table of Contents



Introduction : Soviet Maritime Power – an Enigma?

Chapter I – Strategic Nuclear Mission

Offensive Mission: Strategic Strike

Defensive Mission: Strategic Defense

Chapter II – General Military Missions

The Soviet Navy’s Potential

Logic Behind Navy’s Development

The Navy’s Weak Points

Soviet Navy’s Missions

Chapter III

Political Missions

Symbolic Function

Naval Diplomacy

Typology of Forms of Naval Diplomacy

Cooperative Diplomacy

Protection of Maritime Shipments

Support for Friendly Government Against Domestic Enemies

Support for Client or Friendly State Against Western Client or Friendly State

Support for Client or Friend Against Big Western Power

Support for Client or Friend Against China

Support for Neutral or Even Hostile Country Against a Big Western Power

Coercive Diplomacy

Spatial Pressure Signifying a Warning

Pressure to obtain advantages

Permanent Pressure

Effectiveness of Naval Diplomacy

Remarks on bibliography

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